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Why Play?


Play is the work of children and we take it very seriously. 

Sometimes people feel play is a recreational activity that children do without purpose, but play is essential for all children’s development, and if a stage of play is missed out on this can affect a child’s personal development.

Play is so important for a child’s cognitive development, which is the ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine and work out what might happen next. As children play, they are problem solving, creating, experimenting, thinking and learning all the time.


Play is what helps growing children learn to cope with all the various emotions they experience as they grow.

Before a child can be expected to “perform” in other parts of their lives, they need to have reached their own personal milestone, and this is achieved through play.

The power of play is essential to ensure our children have their needs met, which will enrich all parts of their lives from youth into adulthood.

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