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  • When can my child start ZenDen?
    Our youngest class caters for children aged 18months to 3 years old. These classes the child is accompanied by an adult. And our older classes are for children over three years of age to 6 years old
  • How do I pick a class most suitable for my child?
    Our classes are divided up by age, we use the ECCE years and formal schooling as a guide. Seedlings: This class is for children aged from 18months to 3years old, and attending with an adult. Sprouts: Pre-schoolers This class is for children aged over 3 up to 5 years old, and the children attend independently. Typically this would welcome children who are attending their ECCE years. We require all children attending these classes to be fully toilet trained. Blossoms: School Goers We recommend this class for children who are in junior and senior infants.
  • What does a typical class look like for the over 3's?
    We begin each class with a group warm-up to get the children familiar with one another and happy in their environment. Our main activity various each week, but can range from obstacle courses focusing on many different skill sets, to our ST-ART classes, where we bring a story to life through art, music inspired classes, working in teams as well as individually, in a range of games. We also have classes that focus on mindfulness and making this abstract concept something more concrete for the children. Finally, our class winds down with a mindful pause. We introduce the children to mindful breathing techniques, simple yoga moves, visualisations and story massage, things they can bring home and use as they need to.
  • What size are the classes?
    Our classes have a max intake of 12 children with 2 adults running the class.
  • Do I attend the classes with my child?
    The morning classes for children aged 18 months to 3 years old, children are accompanied by an adult. The afternoon class for children aged over 3 years old, are attended independently.
  • Can I stay and watch my child during the class?
    No, we encourage all parents/adults to drop their child to the door. We aim to foster independence in ZenDen and appreciate your cooperation
  • What does my child need to bring?
    Your child does not need to bring anything to class. We can supply water if they are thirsty but their own water bottle is welcome. We ask for children to not bring any food to the classes, this is to respect other children and their possible allergies.
  • Is ZenDen closed during school holidays?
    Yes, ZenDen is closed during Halloween, Christmas, February mid term and Easter break.
  • Do You Do Trial Classes?
    We don't unfortunately, we keep our classes in the same group for the whole term, this gives a nice consistency for the children, where friendships can form, and same for the adults coming to our Seedling classes. So for this reason we do not offer trial classes.
  • What If I Miss A Class?
    We do not offer make up classes as normally all our classes are fully booked so we don't have the space. Feel free to let us know if you are going to miss a class, and if we know someone won't be in a class in advance we will try our best to accommodate if possible.
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