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ZenDen Studio Dublin, Developmental Play Classes, Children, Play Therapy

1.5 - 3 years


Seedlings make up our youngest play class with children aged between 1.5 & 3 years (accompanied by an adult). 

It’s a fun, hands-on class where adults and children work together. At this stage of a child’s development, we understand that children enjoy being around other children and playing near each other. This is often referred to as parallel play.


Children become aware of the social interactions that take place, learn from observing others and build on their expressive and receptive language.  

Our classes incorporate music, movement, teamwork, and finish with a mindful recharge. Our term-based approach allows children to become familiar with their small class and invites friendships to blossom amongst children and adults.  


FAQs can be found here

ZenDen Studio Dublin, Developmental Play Classes, Children, Play Therapy

3 - 5 years (Pre-School)


This class is aimed at children age three up to but not restricted to 5 years old, and are fully toilet trained 

Sprouts invite children aged 3 - 5 years to our youngest independent play class. Our classes begin with fun, interactive games to get everyone smiling.  

Typically at this age children enjoy associative play where they share materials with others but are working towards different goals.  

During this time a host of skills are developed such as socialisation, turn-taking, co-operation and problem-solving.   

Every play-based interaction strengthens the child’s language development. 


Associative play marks the beginning of real friendship formations, and our small class sizes and familiar teachers make this the optimum environment to support your young sprout’s emergent social skills. 


FAQs can be found here


Junior & Senior Infants

Blossoms welcome primary school children who are in either junior or senior infants.


At this age, children are expected to fluidly take part in co-operative play in the classroom, in the yard and on playdates.


Co-operative play is a complex social engagement that requires a medley of skills. We understand that strong communication skills will allow each child to express their desired outcomes in games, enable them to collaborate towards a common goal and encourage them to discuss specific roles and rules for the game.


Blossoms classes are full of team-focused activities and challenges. We understand that through team-based play children are developing their social, emotional and cognitive skills.

FAQs can be found here

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